About Us

[oo – na – ve – lo ] (n.) A veiled love.

Our rings symbolize the unique love shared between two people, veiled from the outside world but strong enough to bond two souls. The rare pink diamond on the inside of every Unavelo ring is a reminder of how rare and precious that love truly is. The integrity and mindfulness of each piece serves as a testimony to both the strength of such love and to Unavelo’s commitment to support it.

Some love is truly unique.

Unavelo Is..

A mindful, premium brand...

We select only the finest diamonds, and hold a steadfast commitment to transparency. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring the best craftsmanship, community and customer service. We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our team members and our clients alike.

...with designs as unique as your love...

The intimacy shared between you and your loved one is truly unique. UNAVELO honors this with uniquely differentiated designs whose personal symbols are meant to endure. Each couple's journey is truly special. Our rings are yours alone, an oath between you and your chosen.

...backed by our unfaltering commitment to quality.

Your promise to love for a lifetime is the inspiration for our commitment to exceptional quality. We commit ourselves to crafting rings to last as long as your promises.

“All love is unique”

Unavelo's Purpose

UNAVELO was conceived as a unique lifestyle bridal brand blending the highest quality of craftsmanship with one-of-a-kind designs. Our designers seek to reflect – and deliver on - the promise of an extraordinary love, based in intimacy and laughter that will last a lifetime. These elements work in synchronicity and define UNAVELO as a new kind of bridal brand: pure, mindful and progressive.

“All love is unique”

UNAVELO’s creators take enormous pride in offering their unique collections, all of which are intended to inspire tremendous pride in ownership. We enjoy a reputation based on our steadfast devotion to integrity, brought to life with the world’s finest diamonds, metals and craftsmanship.

Our Philosophy

We are here to support our customers and the communities who make UNAVELO possible. UNAVELO was conceived to symbolize the most overwhelming of emotions, born of shared commitment and intimacy. Our rings serve as reminders to protect and shelter our special experiences of love. Love that understands that was is on the inside matters most when forging a life together.